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The History of Cigarettes

Which brands of cigarettes or whether you smoke or not, which is also a cultural preference for smokers. But I like Newport and Marlboro cigarettes very much. A good product concept is one of the best advertising. We examine the process of tobacco brand development, found that the cigarette brand has experienced such a process: from the smoke culture to the culture of tobacco. The initial development of tobacco in raw materials and technical process, there is a good raw material, there is a good equipment and technology and technology, the product has a natural competitive. So in the past one hundred years, mainly focused on the technical dispute. From the initial manual packing to fully automatic machine packing, the cigarette tobacco from his mouth development to filter, tar content gradually reduced to below 15 milligrams pale smoke. This is the function of competition. The competition of this process makes the whole world more and more homogeneous. If the rating is the same, there is no essential difference between the brand and the brand. If you want to win more consumers in such a situation, then the focus of competition will be transferred from the standard of the quality of the dispute to cultural.

Cultural competition itself is a multi field competition. Brand concept, brand image, brand extension...... Chinese tobacco brand concept really Chan if the galaxy, in order to place as the commodity name, with flowers as the commodity name, the scenery as the name, famous for name, to bless the language as the commodity name, the event as the commodity name, numerous, can say that China's most beautiful words are used in the cigarette brand. Can be seen from the tobacco brand, tobacco consumption itself more emphasis on spiritual enjoyment.

Cigarettes as a commodity, naturally attribute their goods, but it is more important than a cross between swap items between the material and spiritual, like, like MSG, no, too, had better. Perhaps, cigarettes really will disappear from this world, a growing need for human comfort will find better ways to care homes mind. In most human beings want the best information to others to tell their own, hoping to be recognized. But sometimes the language is weak. People consume the product itself is the best cultural transmitters. Dazzling variety of cigarette smoke shop is a claim, we are the expression of a cultural idea, suggesting that kind of feeling.