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Smoking woman with beautiful loneliness

Long after today, I actually lit a cigarette, and out of control. Still for the man, but life is a horrible cycle around the Earth after week, I found myself back around the starting point. Although he is not that he, that I am no longer me. Lit cigarette moment again, I knew, he was no longer looking forward to someone else's care or distressed. Is not it? But, fell in love with the feeling of companionship smoke, so that their release so that they are easy to fly yourself, let yourself vent so that they find into merry way. If he can not give me happiness, then at least you can smoke. Suddenly there is little understanding of him, when he himself so strongly to stop smoking Newport cigarettes, really pretty too. Everyone has the right to choose its own way, is not it? The so-called distressed, but also their own wishful thinking and self-righteous, women are the most stupid idea is that they can change a man.

Driving alone and lonely swing everywhere She used to talk alone against smoking cigarettes alternative, dark sun glasses isolated afar do not want, do not need warm light because she refused to expectations, let lit a cigarette want to see the face, cold carriage had this cigarette, let rising smoke to weave an intangible face, fuzzy story reflected in the rearview mirror, red, yellow, light green shirt set off lights, car light chuckle, she will not in the long road, looking at the bright red Three choices, but had to transform such as lighting maze, let the cigarette burn out early in the morning blocked the dream, the best drama staged the car, so the rising smoke obscured the window do not want to see the road, who want to find around full notice continue to spit tobacco because she had a habit of cooling the smoke to extinguish the force, continue to spit tobacco because she did not want to get used to, destiny desperately stripped frame cycle in turn, continue to drive because she was anxious to encounter to.

I smoke to feel decadent, but at the appropriate time but I feel decadent beautiful beautiful. Some people say that I smoke herbal cigarettes beautiful, but who do not know how I have a kind of hurt behind the smoke. Smoking is only one kind of woman troubled mind, and gone to see the rising smoke ring, and sorrow at the same time it becomes illusory. Do not try to change anyone, especially men, are not they change we had a good ending. Attractive woman smoking, like smoking mature woman gives the impression that the vicissitudes of life, is elegant. Upset when, bored, in the hope that all unhappiness, are released into the atmosphere with smoke. But it seems all in vain, I can only find a little decadence and indulgence in it. People can not find love, decadence is indeed a beauty, but I like that, but I always try to make themselves less decadent.