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Smoking woman

Today was invited to talk about something of a tea house. I moved up to, in card sitting and found not far away, next to a booth sat a facial expression melancholy woman with long hair. I saw her a person quietly sitting there, placed in front of a cup of tea, fingers holding a long, thin cigarette, cigarette in her slim and beautiful fingers between combustion, as her dark blue nails, a deep, a bit lazy, has a charming, gentle, and a sensation. She intermittent cigarettes will be sent to the lips, inhale deeply a mouth, and long to spit it out, her smoking posture, suddenly gave me a say a sour. I suddenly thought of such a sentence, no scars will not fall in love with girls smoking; no hurt women, not love the wound. I want a not hurt woman is probably not to fall in love with a cigarette. Because the cigarette is good for those who cherish the memory of the details, for all the story of interpretation. I guess, at this moment, she must be a story of people. The pain in her heart, as the blue rose as quietly blooming.

The cigarette is short, all the things ecstasy are short, but beauty is more beautiful because of short. By a little injury, will cry, that is a simple girl, but smoking woman does not cry easily, cigarettes, choose the a beautiful. Love is a kind of hurt, but women are hurt in that the search for happiness. Smoking is also a kind of injury, but at the same time, smoking makes women forget the injury. If not, the smoking woman is a touch of carmine, then the smoking woman is a mandala. The smoke gradually disappeared, gone with is the endless fun and fantasy. Burn cigarette in a root, and she is a place. I don't know this a Newport cigarette. The woman at the moment, what does that mean? Maybe the climax of lust; perhaps breaking up the qiance.

Women smoking far from men smoke so simple, not only is smoking so superficial, they pay more attention to the cigarette brand and smoking posture, slender lady cigarette, slender fingers, lip gloss fingertips will continue to have smoke rising, this time what can not forget it? As a woman's perfume. Through the different personality; with tobacco taste of woman, there is loneliness and independence. Just buy cigarettes online.