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Quit Smoking Story

When I quit smoking Newport cigarettes first time, A thorn on the feeling of low grade fever and symptoms of smoking cessation smokers, in a fortuitous opportunity in online and found that a lot of friends like me, suddenly feel heart feel a lot, the above said those dizzy brain expansion of symptoms is not obvious, lasted a week or so to speak, the second week of physical condition improved significantly, but to the third week, and the occasional chest back pain, take a deep breath and felt pain in his lungs, musculoskeletal pain, and then a few days of fever, these symptoms are not very serious, low fever is not like a fever that cold chills fever...). Face, ears, hands and feet with fever. These symptoms now let me worry, I really do not know how to adjust, how long is the head.

Then, in April of this year, I began to quit smoking Newport cigarettes for the second time, this is my wife gave me and bought a smoking cessation products, spend money to quit smoking is also quite good, I remember it was noon under a large class of when to buy, on the afternoon of the second day to the, called Kangwang quit paste. Then I spent about two months, that is, ten boxes, did not expect this to quit. Actually smoking man knows in his heart that there is no real smoking, smoking is just an excuse, smoking is significance for sustenance, a relief, as the presence of confession in the church, in prayer before God and Buddha, heavy life decided the man's loneliness and sadness.

There is without weak and cry in a men of the dictionary, each page by capitalizing the hypocrisy of the decent and between the lines can not hide the causeless and helpless. Since you were a little boy, you know, boys should be brave. After growing up, you know how a man should marry and settle down. For a reason that everyone can accept, walked in the street you can stand tall, radiant and each acquaintance greeting. In fact, you have a lot of trouble and depression, you have to smile to say that I am very good. In fact, you are very lonely, in fact, you are very sad, in fact, you are very tired. But sometimes, you can smoke a Newport cigarettes for relax yourself.