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Learn to Smoke

I don't smoke. In addition to passively, sometimes no escape. No personal experience, for smoking, there seems to be no more say. I don't smoke, I don't like smoke. This belief, due to a girl, it is a skin smooth as jade motome, she didn't smoke, but from the cigarette out a cigarette, is popular at the time of the Newport 100s cigarettes, caught in the onion tube like transparent fingers, put in nose, sniffing, is very obsessed with attachment, is also very elegant, she smile a smile: "I like it. "Implication, love it quietly enjoying the cigarette naturally exudes a unique fragrance. I understand that the original, the smoke, I also like the.

In fact, and like the wine, for the smoke, the world is not a few men do not like the. Half of men are women, women are not willing to recognize the nature of a clear, always shy reserved, on the bottom of my heart, like the smoke, not half, there is always half of it. Smoke, to be exact, is a cigarette, and when I was young, I could not resist the temptation to learn to be a man's courage. Big people say: children smoking, buttocks suddenly porch; children smoke, grow up when dad. Buttocks suddenly Xuan not suddenly porch, but in the second, mainly grow up want to be a father. The majesty of the father is the envy of his heart. Moreover, in addition to the father, then there is no more noble ideal. In the essay express, not the truth, that I do not know which of the outstanding figures, has absolutely nothing to do with a rural children.

I learned to smoke, is deeply affected the neighbor boy. Don't let parents know, be afraid of. He is an only child, unlike our seven wolves eight tigers, with a meal, not a stick, and hold the stick when more, he dressed up as often new, it is to send gas. Pocket can touch a whole box of cigarettes, the village children have never seen the beautiful lighter, the inside filled with calcium carbide, thumb press, emitting green flame. During the break, his mouth lit, smoke, smoking. Void smoke, also forget about the proud pet phrase: "Newport cigarettes, tap water, do not smoke on the absorption spectrum." Yungang Buddha, that is not the world's cultural heritage, is also famous in the local, will become the brand of cigarettes. A box of Newport 100s cigarettes, you have to get three egg to the supply and marketing cooperatives to change, not to mention western style lighter. That send gas, is not a general child, and even parents can have. So, I also learned, but he has no money to buy, even pull zero root have no money, he give a root, ceiling a root, smoking always, not up to the buttocks Xuan suddenly.